Step 3: You’re missing the “Freedom” part. Order NOT Complete…

Add the “Set & Forget” Mode To Make Money 100% Autopilot [ Even While Sleeping ]

  • Let our cloud-based software earn you money without doing ANYTHING.
  • The software will flood your Clickbank Account with funds 24/7
  • Achieve True Freedom. Just lay back & relax
  • Scale Your Clickbank Earnings Beyond 5-figures 100% Autopilot

Unlock The Set & Forget Mode And Earn Money Passively


Your order is not complete. Pay attention. It’s about Your Freedom…
We know Freedom is important.

Freedom of not having to work.
Freedom of going outside whenever you want.
Freedom of being with your family whenever you want.
Freedom of doing anything you want whenever you want

That’s why we created the opportunity for you to add a Fully Autopilot Mode to the software.

We initially wanted to give this amazing feature ONLY with a monthly subscription. And we will switch it to a subscription-based model…

...but the first 50 people who get the option, will get it for a LIFETIME.

Unleash The Power Of Autopilot Income. Live The Freedom.

We proudly present you…

The “Set & Forget” Addon. Set Your Affiliate Commissions On Autopilot.

Only 38 units remaining…

We proudly present you…

The “Set & Forget” Addon. Set Your Affiliate Commissions On Autopilot.
Only 38 units remaining…

Why Is It Important To Upgrade Immediately:

  • Unlock The “Set & Forget” Mode
  • Get The Addon For Lifetime ( Otherwise You Pay Monthly )
  • Set Your Commissions To 100% Autopilot
  • Earn Commissions While Even Sleeping
  • Complete Passive Consistent Income Stream
  • Live The Freedom You Deserve

What Will Set & Forget” Mode Do For You?

#1 Deploy Full Income Automation

Our Cloud-Based Software Will Bring You High-Quality Traffic & Continuous Sales 24/7

Value - $9,997

#2 Autopilot Posting

Let our software do the continuous, monotonous grinding work of posting for you Every Single Day. Even 1 Year Long. That’s 1 year of consistent passive income for you without doing ANY work.

Value - Priceless

#3 Autopilot Article Creation

Let It Fully Generate High-Quality Articles & Content so you can Skyrocket the conversion rate of your clickbank offers. 100% with the press of a button.

Value - $15,998

#4 Autopilot Your Traffic

Sitting on a beach. Spending time with your family or dear ones. Doing the activities you want while having your mind at ease that LOTS of people will get to see your clickbank offers & links and buy from you. This is the ultimate “Free Traffic” Automation.

Value - Priceless

Get 3 Fast-Action Bonuses

Bonus #1

Affiliate Rocket

This is a brand new, PREMIUM business on a box in an evergreen market: affiliate marketing, one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money online.

Bonus #2

Commission Fire

Commission Fire contains an incredible technique that top affiliate marketers use to generate massive commissions regardless of whatever you're promoting.

Bonus #3

Recurring Income Strategies

Recurring revenue is consistent and predictable. Unlike other income streams, such as with one-off products or services, with a monthly or yearly recurring revenue platform you know what to expect.

You’ll also discover how to choose a format that focuses on long- term success so you can enjoy the benefits of passive income every month - all on complete autopilot.

Click on the button below to get the upgrade until it’s gone for good

Be aware: There are 38 more units available of the “Set & Forget” Upgrade only until we switch it to a monthly subscription.

We can only sell the Lifetime Availability option for the first 50 units only ( 38 remainings). Hurry up!

Please note: The option to purchase it at this price, without a monthly subscription, it’s highly limited. You must take the decision now if you want to get a chance to set your income to 100% Autopilot.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

If you don’t feel more confident in scaling the way you make money with Clickbank products, and still feel insecure as a result of using ClickBank Income Automator, we’ll refund you, give you double the money back, and let you keep ClickBank Income Automator as a thank you for trying us out.

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